VITAL VENTURE NETWORKS LLC (VVN)  develops US and global marketing, business, communications and branding strategies in Finance, Clean Tech, Life Sciences and Healthcare for premier clients in the US and Europe. VVN also creates and manages executive forums and conferences for leaders in these important sectors of the economy.

A significant benefit of working with VVN is the access gained to an extensive business network across key sectors of the economy. To enable clients to capitalize on those relationships VVN regularly designs and co-hosts – with university, corporate, government or institutional partners – programs and forums that tackle some of the most important scientific and/or financial questions that have direct bearing on the US entrepreneurial culture. The focus includes technological innovations and performance in the capital and venture markets.


VVN’s principals have worked with the nation’s leading capital and venture marketplaces and with prestigious universities, institutes and national laboratories in the US and in Europe to help develop communications and marketing strategies. Among those institutions are: Columbia University, The New York Stock Exchange,  NVCA (The National Venture Capital Association),  RTI International, The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archipelago, and in Europe: the Organization for Economic Development, BioVision, Move Planet and EuroBio.


VVN assists companies in identifying, negotiating and closing strategic partnerships, M&A transactions and identifying potential financing. VVN team members have extensive experience advising government, academia and industry to help them develop more robust innovation ecosystems that lead to the commercialization of cutting edge technology and to regional economic development.  Our team has worked with organizations such as:  New York State Governor’s Office, Center for Advanced Technology at Columbia University, Ministry of Innovation of India, Mayor’s Office of Mexico City, Biometropolis in Mexico City, Russia’s Duma, the Governor’s Office of the Perm Region in Russia, Mayor’s Office of Dalian China, Mayor’s Office of Buenos Aires, Alexandria Real Estate Equities and RTI International.  In addition, VVN has close relationships with industry and academic leaders in biomedicine, cleantech, finance and other industries that can be leveraged to help our client’s business development needs such as:  GE, IBM, Pfizer, National Grid, Columbia University, PepsiCo, United Technology Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Yale University, Cornell University, Skanska, New York University, Plug Power, NY Battery and Energy Storage Consortium, Brookhaven National Labs, Northrup Grumman, and many others.


VVN has become known for its ability to gather key influencers –policy makers, executives, investors and academics – together in both private meetings and in public roundtables and symposiums.  These forums, which are both educational and informational are also business orientated – with many partnerships being formed as a result of the meetings.

VVN’s principals have a long and established track record – with more that 15 years of experience in developing and hosting a range of original programs. The symposia and conferences range from a series of special press events created for NASDAQ on “Emerging Technologies, Science & Innovations” to programs developed for the NYSE-EURONEXT, and partnering universities Yale and Stanford, titled “Can the US Capital Markets be Saved?: Assessing the Report of the Committee for  Capital Markets Regulation,”  a series which was designed for NYSE-Euronext in 2007.


Marketing, Strategic Planning & Communications